Disneyland for Grown Ups and Adults

5 Essential Things to Bring to Disneyland

Here’s the scoop on what to bring to Disneyland – less is more. Lugging heavy large totes will detract from your experience (and kill your shoulders). As for clothing and accessories – if you can’t live without it, don’t bring it. Things fall out or get left behind and spills happen. Comfort is key.

Here are the essentials –

1. Smart Phone

2. Clothing

3. Accessories

4. Storage

5. Miscellaneous

A fully charged smart phone is essential. Be sure to include:

  • The Disneyland App – fully installed and registered to your Disneyland account.
  • A portable phone charger with cord (the app and photos will drain your battery).
  • A spill proof case (some rides are wet and drinks are accident prone…).
  • A secure storage place (like a zipper pocket). Don’t let a dropped/lost phone ruin your day!

Essential Things to Bring to Disneyland Smart Phone

You will get messy, sweaty and rumpled. Leave fancy duds at home. Some clothing guidelines:

  • Closed-toed shoes with arch support are critical. You can walk 8+ miles in one day at Disneyland. Strollers have a tendency to run over feet accidentally. Keep supported and covered.
  • Dress in comfortable layers. California may be warm during the day, but it can get chilly at night.
  • Optional: A hat is great for sun – but be sure to take it off during rides.
  • Optional: A rain poncho/jacket if rain is forecasted OR you like wet rides (Splash Mountain or Grizzly Run). Umbrellas are cumbersome in crowds.

Here’s some accessories to take along:

  • Sunscreen – a small carry bottle is perfect.
  • Credit card(s) – kept in a secure place.
  • Driver’s license – IDs are asked for when making credit card purchases or using your ticket/annual pass.
  • Cash – CHASE ATMs are everywhere, but fees are charged if you’re not a CHASE bank customer.
  • Plastic water bottle – water fountains are plentiful. Keep hydrated.

Essential Things to Bring to Disneyland Accessories

Large backpacks, heavy purses and stuffed tote bags are bad ideas. You will be lugging them for hours – they will tire you out. If you have to bring large heavy items, get a rental locker. Here are essential storage options:

  • Small purse or wallet – something you can keep close and secure on rides.
  • A small backpack is another option. Just remember you’ll be waiting in lines – backpacks can accidentally hit people behind you.
  • An expandable tote bag is handy to consolidate purchases as the day goes on.
  • Optional: A neck lanyard for your ticket/annual pass, fast passes, parking tickets, etc. (you can buy ahead at shopdisney.com or Amazon. Get one least 3.5″ high and 4″ wide.)

Some additional things to bring:

  • Bring smart phone entertainment. You can be waiting an hour or more for a parade or event. Have games (we like “Heads Up”), movies and/or audiobooks on your smart phone to help pass the time. Don’t forget headphones!
  • Have a tentative schedule. Keep a list of ‘must dos’ to help you stay focused.
  • Phones lose battery life, break or get lost. Have a strategy in place on what to do if you get separated from the rest of your party and they are unreachable by phone.
  • Bring medical insurance cards and emergency contact information. Better safe than sorry.

Essential Things to Bring to Disneyland Miscellaneous