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Disneyland Max Pass

To Max Pass, Or Not to Max Pass…and the answer is…

There is a new sheriff in town at Disneyland – the Max Pass!

Max Pass is a feature you can purchase on the Disneyland App that provides *Fast Pass and **Photo Pass capability for $15 per person per day. So why pay another $15 per person on top of the ticket price? The short answer is you don’t have to.  You can still get Fast Passes for free at terminals in the parks, and you can have cast members take photos from your smart phone or camera.

BUT – for grown up park visitors Max Pass offers some distinct advantages.  You don’t have to walk the parks looking for Fast Pass terminals – then walk back again later when your Fast Pass is valid.   If you want a post-ride picture, you don’t have to go to the counter to purchase it – just enter the number and it will appear via Max Pass on your smart phone.  (See below for a full list of Max Pass pros and cons.)  In fact, our adult Disneyland lovers are completely sold on Max Pass – and highly recommend it for most visits.

Here’s the deal:

DO NOT get a Max Pass if:

  • no one in your party has, or is comfortable with, the Disneyland App
  • you are not a "ride" person
  • you arrive later in the day (Fast Pass availability may be limited)
  • crowds are very light (which hardly ever happens...even then I'd think about it...)

Otherwise, DEFINITELY get a Max Pass

Click Here for Disneyland's Max Pass information.

*A Fast Pass allows ride boarding at the “Fast Pass” entrance which is shorter than the regular “Stand By” line. You can get Fast Passes for free at their individual terminals. But Max Pass allows you to reserve them on the Disneyland App on your smart phone (SEE “FAST PASS” for details.)

**A Photo Pass allows you to download photos from rides or Disneyland photographers.

Disneyland Annual Pass Holders – “Signature Plus” and above include Max Passes at no extra cost. Other pass holders have the option to purchase Max Pass for the duration of their pass for $100.

Disneyland Max Pass

The pros of Max Pass:

  • No need to walk the parks looking for Fast Pass terminals– reserve Fast Passes with the Disneyland App on your smart phone
  • There is an option to reserve Fast Passes in groups – everyone with a Max Pass can get the same pass at the same time
  • If you’re not comfortable with using apps, but another Max Pass guest in your party is, they can schedule all your Max Pass Fast Passes for you
  • Cancel your Fast Pass reservation then get another one immediately
  • Because MaxPass guests cancel Fast Passes, a Fast Pass ride that is sold out/unavailable can become available if you keep checking your app.
  • Max Pass Fast Pass ride times can be earlier than free terminal Fast Pass times
  • Download high density digital download photos from rides without extra fees

The cons of Max Pass:

  • Disneyland WiFi is spotty and slow – plan to use 4G.
  • The Disneyland app drains battery life. Bring a charger.
  • If you arrive later in the day – Fast Pass availability will be very limited.
  • On less crowded days, Fast Pass terminals can be just as effective (and free).
  • Max Pass does not offer Fast Pass tickets for events (World of Color, Fantasmic).
    You still have to get an event Fast Pass at the event’s Fast Pass terminal.
  • Photo Pass can take 20 minutes or more to load on the app.

How to Get a Max Pass on Your Disneyland App

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Disneyland Max Pass Tips

  • Use 4G – Disneyland WiFi is unreliable.
  • Scan your park ticket/annual pass at Fast Pass entrances. No need to use the app and drain battery life.
  • Keep your phone in “airplane mode” when you are inside buildings.
  • After a ride, TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR PICTURE so you have that number. Photo downloads can be faulty.
  • Give your park ticket/annual pass to the Disneyland photographer when getting a picture taken. It will link automatically to your MaxPass PhotoPass app.
  • If you have trouble using MaxPass on your app, ask a cast member for assistance. They are well trained and extremely helpful.