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Fast Pass is Your VIP Ticket – Learn How…

One of the best guest features at Disneyland is the Fast Pass.  For rides, you bypass the long regular wait lines with a preferred “Fast Pass” line and feel like a VIP!  For events, Fast Pass gives access to preferred viewing areas. Take full advantage.  Prepare a Fast Pass strategy before you arrive . Here’s how.

There are two ways to get a Fast Pass at Disneyland:

Max Pass

Pay $15 for a Max Pass (cost per day per person*) on your Disneyland App after you enter the park.

  • Use the Max Pass feature on your Disneyland app to secure your Fast Pass

See “MAX PASS for details”.

Fast Pass Ticket

Get a FREE Fast Pass at ride/event Fast Pass terminal. Fast Pass tickets are first come, first serve.

  • Each ride or event has a unique Fast Pass ticket terminal location

See Disneyland.com or your Disneyland App for locations.

Disneyland PASS HOLDERS: Max Pass is included for Signature Plus level and above. All other pass holders can purchase Max Pass for the duration of their pass for $100 OR pay per day ($15) when they visit the parks.


Get a Fast Pass with Max Pass

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Click on arrows (middle left/middle right)

Get a Fast Pass Ticket

  • Go to the ride’s fast pass terminal (locate it on your map or Disneyland app).
  • Insert, then remove your park ticket or annual pass into the top slot of the terminal.
  • Retrieve your fast pass ticket from the bottom slot.


How to Use a Fast Pass For Rides:
  • Get to the ride in the time window specified on your Fast Pass. Times are strictly adhered to.
  • Enter the “Fast Pass” entrance – NOT the “Stand By” entrance.
  • Scan your park ticket or annual pass at the entrance.
  • DON’T FORGET to get another Fast Pass when your Fast Pass ticket or Max Pass says your are eligible
  • IF YOUR FAST PASS RIDE IS CLOSED when you arrive, you just won the jackpot! Your Fast Pass will become a “free” Fast Pass that is good for any ride at any time within that park.
Disneyland Fast Pass - Entrance

Fast Pass Ride Entrance

Disneyland For Grownups Event Fast Pass

Event Fast Pass Detail

How to Use a Fast Pass For Events:
  • Get to the event at least 30″ prior (60″ is better). Fast pass viewing areas are still first come, first serve.
  • Find the viewing area specified on your event Fast Pass ticket.
  • Give your Fast Pass event ticket to the cast member at the viewing area entrance.


The “hottest” Fast Passes – get these first:

Park Ride/Event Typical Sell Out Time Fast Pass Terminal Location
California Adventure Incredicoaster Late Morning To left of ride entrance
California Adventure Guardians of the Galaxy Late Morning Across from ride
California Adventure World of Color Late Morning – Afternoon To the side of the Little Mermaid Ride
California Adventure Radiator Springs* Late Morning – Afternoon Just past Carthay Circle Restaurant on left
California Adventure Soarin’ Around the World Afternoon To the left of ride entrance
California Adventure Toy Story Afternoon Across ride entrance
Disneyland Fantasmic Late Morning – Afternoon To the left of Mark Twain Showboat
Disneyland Space Mountain Afternoon To the right of ride entrance
Disneyland Indiana Jones Afternoon To the left of ride entrance
Disneyland Matterhorn Bobsleds Afternoon Across from ride entrance
Disneyland Star Tours Afternoon Across street from ride entrance

*Radiator Springs single rider line can be sometimes be quicker than the Fast Pass line.