Disneyland for Grown Ups and Adults
Disneyland Main Street Clock Tower

Disneyland for Adults Who Don’t Do Rides…

"But I Don't Do Rides..."

No problem! Disneyland has so much to offer!

No rides, no problem. Disneyland’s magical entertainment and historical landmarks are just two things to enjoy – without a single roller coaster. We just spent a fabulous adult day at Disneyland seeing sights, learning about history and admiring the many exciting facets of the resort. Here’s our list of recommendations and “must dos”:

Disneyland Park

Disneyland Gallery

If you haven’t dropped by the Disneyland Gallery (located in the entranceway to “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” in Disneyland Park), you’ve missed an exciting and important piece of Disneyland history.

A video starring Steve Martin (former Disneyland cast member) tells the fascinating story of Walt Disney’s “Disneyland” park, including footage of Disneyland’s construction, opening day and significant events. This wonderful film sets the stage for new-found appreciation of the park.

Walk the gallery and peruse the historical maps, pictures and memorabilia. Disney’s visions and dreams are everywhere. It’s as if you are walking along side Walt as he takes Disneyland from idea to reality.

Flag Retreat

The Flag Retreat at Disneyland Park is a best kept secret. Late afternoon, around dusk, at Main Street circle (near the park entrance) the Disneyland Band, Dapper Dans and Security Patrol team up for a patriotic performance to honor those who serve our country.

Disneyland guests who are veterans or military members are invited to circle the flag. Each branch of the military is honored in song and salute. Then the “colors” are lowered and ceremonially prepared.

California Adventure Park


This production of the popular movie “Frozen” at California Adventure Park is not to be missed. The gorgeous sets, the interactive stage, the exceptionally talented cast – an awe-inspiring entertainment event. The only thing missing is a “Broadway” sign in front of the theatre.

There are several shows during the day. Be sure to get there 30 minutes prior to get a seat (earlier on busy days). There are dining packages available that include preferred seating. See “Dining Packages” for more information.

Snacks and drinks are allowed – bring your own or purchase popcorn from a theatre vendor once inside. The show takes approximately one hour. An air-conditioned place to relax and enjoy a phenomenal musical!

Pixarmonic Orchestra

The Pixarmonic Orchestra is a new entertainment gem hosted several times a day at Pixar Pier. These “retro” musicians amaze with old-school instruments, “schtick” and vaudevillian laughs.

Arrive a few minutes early and grab a seat on a nearby bench or curb. Fabulous music – dance, sing and enjoy!

Even More Ideas


Disneyland landscaping is an adventure. With over 8000 plants from over 400 countries, each section of the parks utilizes flowers, trees and bushes designed to specifically complement the sectional theme.

In New Orleans square, find gargantuan magnolia trees imported from Louisiana. In Tomorrowland, all the plantings are edible – in keeping with Walt Disney’s vision that lands of the future would be self-sustaining.

See “Insider Tips” for more.


Shopping is everywhere – but don’t miss the kiosks, small gift shops and speciality stores. Disneyland Park’s Main Street Magic Shop is worth a visit to see live magic! Elias and Company offers high-end Disney clothing at California Adventure Park.

And don’t forget Downtown Disney – a shopping mecca including World of Disney, Disney Home and Disney Dress shops.

See “Shopping” for details.

Night Time

When the sun sets, Disneyland’s magic takes on a whole new experience. Main Street, Cars Land, Pixar Pier and “Its’ a Small World” are just some of the places that come to life with lights, special effects and neon wonderments.

Be sure to check out Disney’s night time entertainment – second to none – with phenomenal shows like “World of Color”, “Fantasmic” and the infamous fireworks display at Disneyland Park.

See “Events” for more.

A Disneyland Day Without Rides