Disneyland for Grown Ups and Adults
Disneyland for Grown Ups and Adults

Buys and Deals for Grown Ups…Shop like a Pro…

We’re not world-class shoppers, but we’re definitely on the way!  Disneyland offers incredible shopping from speciality shops, kiosks and mega-stores.  Some lessons learned:

  • Disneyland stores seldom offer reduced prices.  Shop online at shopdisney.com or your local Disney mall store for discounts/sales.
  • Items in specialty shops/kiosks can be one of a kind.  If you fall in love with a particular item, buy it – you may not find it elsewhere.
  • Merchandise changes regularly. Don’t count on an item being available the next time you visit.
  • Collectibles are fun!  For instance, popular souvenir pin collectibles can be “traded” with Disney cast members. Ask a Disney store cast member about special/newly-released collectibles. Are you an annual pass holder? Ask for pass holder exclusive collectible pins!
  • If you are looking for something particular, ask a Disney store cast member.  They can look up the item and direct you where to go to purchase it.
  • Larger stores may hold your purchases for later pick up – ask the cashier.  Just don’t forget to go back and pick them up!
  • Rent a locker. You will avoid the pitfalls of forgetting your package at a restaurant or watching your souvenir fall out on a ride.
    • California Adventure Park: Just past the entrance on the right next to the bathrooms.
    • Disneyland Park: Turn right into alley just past Starbucks on Main Street.
    • Between Parks:  To the left as you face the Disneyland Park or California Adventure Park entrance – next to the bathrooms
    • Large and charging lockers go quickly. (Charging lockers have outlets for mobile device charging.)  By mid morning, they can be sold out.

Hot, Trendy and Just Plain Fun:

Collectors Items

Collector’s items are everywhere. From pins to mugs to medals to crystal, you can start collecting your favorites knowing new ones will be on the shelves at your next visit.

Rose Gold is everywhere!

Don’t forget the ever-popular “Star Wars”…and who can resist Grumpy T-shirts for guys?

Nobody can rock the dots like Disney!

Here’s just some of the “Rock the Dots” themed shopping buys –

Disneyland Pass Holder Shopping Discounts

Disneyland Pass Holders get discounts on park merchandise – typically 10-20%.  Only the pass holder can use this discountit is strictly enforced.  Annual pass and picture ID are required.  Additionally, the credit card used must be in the pass holder’s name.