Disneyland for Grown Ups and Adults
Disneyland for Grown Ups and Adults - Tips

Disneyland Insider Secrets You Can’t Afford to Miss…

Find “hidden gems” of Disney history, uncover Disney artistry at its finest and seek unique Disney park features…all designed to make your trip especially memorable! Some practical insider tips, too…! Add that special “wow” moment when you look behind the curtain and see what really makes Disneyland so spectacular.

Secrets, Treasures and Awesome Finds

  • Big Events are the hallmark of Disney Parks, but don’t miss these::
    • Musical revues: Disneyland Band, Jambalaya Jazz, Five & Dime, Route 66 – hear some of the best musicians in the country!
    • Plays and skits: Frozen, Fantasy Faire, Mickey and the Magical Map – fantastic casts and sets…Frozen is Broadway worthy…
    • Disneyland Flag Retreat: An exceptionally inspiring patriotic dedication to US military including veteran/active duty park guests.
  • See Disney creativity at its finest with world-renowned artists and galleries:
    • Disneyana (Disneyland)Disneyland for Grown Ups and Adults - Tips
    • Off the Page (California Adventure)
    • WonderGround Gallery (Downtown)
  • Bakery goods and sweets – are delicious works of art!!!  Also check out seasonal items like chocolate Easter eggs or Halloween cupcakes.  And don’t miss:
    • Dole Pineapple Whip (Disneyland Tiki Juice Bar) – the long lines are no accident.
    • Sourdough Mickey Mouse Loaf (California Adventure Mortimer’s Market) – Boudin Bakery fresh
    • Disneyland Character Rice-Krispie Treats and Candy Apples – Disneyland Candy Palace, California Adventure Park Trolley Treats, Downtown Disney Marceline’s Confectionary
  • Gardens – Disneyland prides itself on its meticulously maintained and themed gardens.  Over 1 million plants and shrubs are planted each year – mainly at the 2 AM shift! The Mickey flower display at the entrance to Disneyland park is re-planted up to 8 times a year.
  • Disneyland Posters – Disneyland posters are legendary, historic and true works of art. Many are “modernized” remakes of original park posters.
  • Trash Cans  – seriously. Cans are designed and painted in iconic park themes that match their locations. You even can purchase trash can painted miniatures at many of the park souvenir stores. Classic Disney art in the least expected places…
  • Hidden Mickeys – Find “hidden” Mickey silhouettes!  Particularly fun when waiting in lines.
  • See a cast member with a red plaid vest? They are leading a “VIP” group through the parks. Check it out – might be a LA celebrity you know…

Practical Insider Tips

  • Crowds get bigger late afternoon.  Disneyland has many local pass holders who drop by the parks after school and work.  For crowd relief:
    • Visit Downtown Disney.  Fabulous shopping, food and drink with lots of places to sit with fewer people.
    • Enjoy the Grand Californian Hotel Lounge.  Blessedly quiet and exceptionally beautiful.
    • Draw at the Disney Animation Studio (California Adventure) – A cool, sit-down activity that taps into your inner artist!
      Draw with an official Disney animator and take home your masterpiece.
    • Go see “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” or the “Tiki Room” (Disneyland) – iconic shows with comfortable air-conditioned seating.Disneyland for Grown Ups Celebration Button
  • When waiting in line, talk to those around you – people are fascinating!  Most are locals who love to share tips.
  • Get your “Mickey” on!!  Mickey Mouse ears and Grumpy t-shirts are appropriate for all ages!
  • Celebrating?  Get a free button!  “First Visit”, “Happy Anniversary”, “Celebrating…” and “Happy Birthday” buttons are available at park shops.  Ask a cast member.
  • Take your time. Rushing accomplishes little and double-wide strollers always win…